Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Inspiration :: to be and to do

As a crafter/generally creative person, it is easy to fall into the lull of easy.  Easy is when I wait for the creative juices to start flowing versus getting into the habit of documenting things that inspire me or that I wanted to try making.  Easy is when I just don't feel like sitting at my desk when it is a beautiful day outside and I want to play with H.  

But then something will come up where I am really, really, humbled by the awesome-ness of people and really, really inspired to get my rear in gear and make things happen.  

Today, I am swallowing my insecurities and starting some fashion posts.  Because I love fashion, clothes, women, and beauty.  And I have to credit the lovely ladies in this photo for that courage.  If you don't know who they all are, check them out.  I met up with these ladies in LA a few weeks back and was so thrilled to make internet relationships real!  
From left to right: me, Carly, Emily, Sandy, Julie, Alissa, Jacqui, & Mandy
The night I went out with these amazing people I wore this outfit (not the greatest picture obviously) but I am now in the stage of pregnancy where it is difficult to be comfortable and stylish.  Or it can be.  By the way - to all the pregnant women who may be reading this post: skirts above the baby bump is really easy and kind of handy!

chambray top: banana republic (old) \\ skirt: open air market in Hawaii \\ belt: old navy \\ shoes: aerosoles (old)
My other current go to outfit are leggings and tunics.  How I made it through my first pregnancy without these, I do not know...It is one of the most comfortable, stretchy, amazing things for a growing bump.  =)

tunic: vince camuto \\ leggings: destination maternity \\ shoes: target \\ necklace:  new sense and sensibility design (coming to the shop soon!)

I'm linking up with Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy!

pleated poppy

Have a beautiful day!


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