Monday, September 22, 2014

Midi Skirt Madness!

I am in love.  Love, love, love.  This whole trend of the classic midi skirt is exactly what I love.  I am even loving some of the midi skirt and crop top outfits we have been seeing on red carpets this summer!  But I had to pick a few of my favorites and share them with you because they are going to be the perfect piece to transition into fall.  What are you excited for about fall fashion?

Midi Skirt Madness!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A return to the blogosphere!

Did you miss me world?!

Just kidding.  =)  I know I have been out of touch recently.

I have very good reasons.  Shortly after my last post, our family got into a bit of a housing dilemma and have been working to resolve it for the last few months.  But that meant significantly less time to blog because I was working on packing a house, taking care of my littles, and trying to figure out what the future might look like - even a little idea of what it might look like...which has not been forthcoming.

Now the reality is that I still do not know what the future will look like - but we are almost all packed, almost moved, and so ready to get out of this unknown stage of our life.  But I missed my little blog so I am back to give it a little TLC and give people an update about what has been going on.

So here are the high lights of the last few months:

  • Baby girl turned 1!
We made a day of it at Disneyland and we actually got a family picture!  Even if the kids are distracted.  =)
  • Not so baby boy turned 3!
He was so excited for minions AND balloons that he started jumping up and down.
  • Dear friends and family visiting
My "brother from another mother" finally visited us

Grandparents were with us for a few weeks and it was a great treat

That meant lots of story time with grandma

And most recently, tea with my sister and one of my oldest friend's visiting from Hawaii.  Betcha can't tell which one is my sister?  =D
  • And lots of boxes...
No, I do not actually have pictures of boxes.  But I probably should document some of that process and stuff.

It's kind of amazing how two birthdays (just in our family - there were three others in the extended family) can fill up time!  There are gifts and family dinners and activities to do and then there is a bit of a recovery period too.  Toddlers who stay up late just a little too long can take a little while to get back on track.  =)  

But with moving into a new place soon, I have lots of ideas for how to make it cute and liveable.  Those ideas will hopefully be making it to the blog very soon!  As well as a bit of a backlog of Project Pinterest posts!  I still have those going and am very excited to share some of them with you!  And if you want me to try anything for you, send it my way and I will see what I can work out!  

Can you believe that it is September already?!  That means it is time to start working on Christmas gifts!  Which I am excited about because I have some fun ideas for friends and family this year.  Maybe we will have a holiday themed Project Pinterest in the next few months!  

Until then, have a beautiful day!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Project Pinterest :: February & March!

I promise I did not forget about this!  But the last two or so months have included a teething baby, family visiting, being wedding coordinator for dear friends' special day, making jewelry for and selling at several clothing pop shops - and I still managed to get a couple of things into this project!

So for February, I had this wild idea to make something scrumptious for my hubby instead of trying to find a good gift.  Food is a love language for both of us so I gave it a shot.  And for my ridiculously over ambitious project, I took on the illustrious pain aux raisins.  It is a croissant with rum soaked raisins and an amazing pastry cream to keep it all together.  I will be sharing pictures but not the specific recipe, sorry, I won't do that to them.

Bouchon Bakery cookbook - worth every penny
But like I said, it was a bit ambitious.  I ended up baking for almost 12 hours because it has a lot of steps and you have to chill the dough between every step!  Thankfully, the hubby loved my efforts as did my dear friend who has tasted both the real deal and my feeble attempt.  =)

Kind of an old picture but we do love our Bouchon!
So that was my February project.  March was pretty crazy because I was doing a bunch of different stuff getting ready for a wedding and making jewelry (btw, several of the new pieces are listed at!)  But back to what I am really trying to talk about.  So March I did some more baking out of the Bouchon Bakery cookbook - this time as a birthday treat for the hubby.  And this project was much more within my skill level and came out beautifully...unfortunately, all the cookies got eaten before I could get a picture of any of them.  Hopefully, that means that project turned out well.  =)
I did do one other project for March that is amazingly easy!  If you are looking for a nice refresh to your jewelry box this spring, try this project out!  My favorite vendor is Rio Grande and they have this ridiculously easy wire wrapped ring tutorial that you can do yourself!

Wire-Wrapped Bead Ring
One of the easiest tutorials I have come across in a while.  If you aren't quite able to get the hang of it yourself, I have a few of my own version of this ring available at Aime Jewelry now!  But really, you should give it a try!

So if you have been able to work on any creative, Pinterest-inspired projects, share them!  I would love to get some ideas for some new things too!

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Project Pinterest :: January 2014

Alright folks!  Here it is - our first link up party!

This month, I have been on a crocheting kick.  So thanks to Pinterest and Ravelry, I have a few really easy projects for you!

fun, soft, crocheted eggs!

sweet little chicks!

These two little projects got put together for a birthday present for one of Hito's little friends this month.  She is really into chicks and ducks and this was the perfect set of things for her.  I just packed them up in a little basket (from the 50% off rack at my craft store!) and it was pretty awesome.

What have you made this month?  Looking forward to seeing what you have to share!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On the days when I "love" but do not "like" my children

I am a young mom.  I have a two and a half year old and a seven month old, both of whom are apparently angels according to everyone around me.  Only my husband and I disagree.

Today was one of the days when I am positive everyone is blind - my children are NOT angels.  Despite a deep, deep love of being a mom, I still have those days when I really dislike having to take care of these two little people.

The worst part?  It isn't because I don't love the little people...I just don't like them right now.

I have a feeling there are lots of moms who may see this and understand what I am talking about.  There are days when it just gets to be a little crazy and overwhelming and chaotic trying to juggle the needs and wants of a toddler and infant who seem to want everything and nothing at once.  Literally.  My seven month old daughter cried for quite a while today because she couldn't decide if she wanted to get down and crawl on her own or cuddle.  So we ended up with a fussy baby no matter what we did and Hito gets upset if Sophia cries, whines, fusses, or talks....which makes everything so great!  And I am supposed to feed them, keep the house relatively clean, and run a business? Ahahaha...that is funny on days like today.

I made this observation to a good friend of mine recently who said that this seemed to be a healthy attitude.  Healthy or not, as she said that, I realized that this was the uneasy peace I have made with the fact that sometimes being a mom is no walk in the park and ends with more poopy diapers than you thought possible or more drool, food, and spit up on you than anywhere else in the house.

Recently, my reflections have changed a little.  It struck me that I am often the whiny child.  The child who can't decide what she wants and get upset when offered different options.  My heavenly Father is infinitely patient with me.  And this is going to be a little cliche but bear with me.  It is something that has so much more poignancy and meaning for me now.  Being a parent has given me insight into the Father/child relationship I have with my Savior.

As children, we are commanded to be holy as "He who called us" (1 Peter 1:13-21).  But that Scripture says nothing about our success in that endeavor. In fact, it seems to count on us failing because it tells us the reason why we have to keep trying to be holy (verses 17-21).   And I am just as whiny and discontent and uncertain as my daughter. much as I can, from now on, when this momma has a bad day...I will say grace.  Pray grace, be grace, beg grace.  If I have been redeemed with incorruptible things and am held close to my Christ despite my bad days, I will love my children all the more.  Through the drool and lack of sleep, there is the undeniable truth.

I am my Father's daughter and my children are mine and there is always more grace - for all of us.

Have a beautiful day.
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