About Me

            Hi!  ::wave:: I'm Aime.  Welcome to my little escape from it all - my chance to converse with my thoughts and you at the same time, my open inspiration book, my open diary when I need to vent (I promise I don't do this often at all), and my place for you to get to know me and me to know!  I never thought of myself as a blogger but here I am.  I also never thought of myself as a jewelry designer and...here I am yet again.  =)  
           I started making jewelry when I was 12 years old.  My mom thought it was a good idea for me to make gifts for my girl friends instead of buying stuff (these girls/ladies love me so much they still wear some of the things that I made for them so many years ago!).  So a passion was born.  From that year on, I slowly added items to my repertoire, building from necklaces to earrings to simple rings.  I always liked color and art and fashion but never thought that maybe this was the beginning of a beautiful obsession. 
            After I graduated from high school (while still living in Hawaii), I had the opportunity to work in a craft store that specialized in jewelry supplies.  The shop was stocked with beautiful things like crystal, semi-precious stones, and pearls.  This was a huge source of information and an abundance of experience for me.  Learning from my co-workers was one of the best educational experiences of my life.  They were a group of talented, creative, artistic women from many walks of life who all had something wonderful to contribute to what is now my “style”. 
            So from all of those things was born the desire to make and sell things that were demure, feminine, and most importantly, sensible.  There are so many trendy, fad-driven styles out there today that just weren’t working for me and when those big fads take off, I had a hard time finding anything that I liked.  So now, I make it – hand make it all- from the highest quality materials and with the greatest care I can give.  
            Besides all that, I am a half Japanese, quarter German, quarter Ukrainian girl born and raised in Hawaii.  Hawaii will always be home in my heart.  I love sleep ridiculously much and talking to people even more. Blue and green are my favorite colors because I like the ocean, sky, and growing things.  I was homeschooled and LOVED it (my mom and dad are the best).  My husband is the awesomest.  My friends keep me laughing and laugh at me when I need to be brought down a notch.  I will always try my best to share those things that inspire, spark ideas, and are handmade from the heart.  Handmade may not mean that it will be crafty all the time but it will be sensible.  Afterall, that's what the name says: Sense and Sensibility.  

Welcome and have a beautiful day!

snsandsnsibility {at }gmail {dot} com


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