Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angela & Jordan - Custom Wedding Jewelry & Accessories

I love weddings.  =)  I love seeing two people promise to love and honor one another for the rest of their lives, being faithful to each other and the new family they are forming.  It is so exciting!!!

One of my favorite favorite things though, is doing custom jewelry for brides who are celebrating the day of their dreams!  So I thought I'd share some of my work that I have done and show you the pictures and share some of my design process with you!

I hope you enjoy!

Angela & Jordan's Wedding

I have known Jordan since I was about 6 years old and got to know Angela in high school.  No, they have not been dating that long but they definitely had a wedding that looked spectacular!  The happy couple chose red, white/ivory, and black as their colors and the rest was easy!  They were married in beautiful Hawaii and so there are elements of the islands in the jewelry and accessories as well.  Enough talk - here are the pictures!

the bridesmaid necklaces

the bride's and bridesmaids' hair pieces

If you or anyone you know needs jewelry for their special occasion, email me at snsandsnsibility{at}!  I'd be happy to design something for them!  

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Perfect joy in the little things...

I decided to link up with Lindsay from Aisle to Aloha for her "it's the little things Friday" link up party to make my big announcement!

Aisle to Aloha

1) Our first baby was born on Friday, Sept. 16th! 

That's right.  This lady has been missing in action on her blog this week because of a little bundle of joy that is definitely a little thing that is a huge thing now in my life.  But words cannot describe how lovely it is to have this little person...and to feel so rich and love on this little guy.  So our little Hitoshi is making life interesting and joyful all at the same time!  But God has been so gracious to our growing family and it truly is perfect joy just to hold him...

2) Adorable baby clothes and being able to buy things like this now!

A friend of mine opened a very sweet Etsy shop a little while back but I had not bought anything because we were not finding out if we were expecting a boy or girl (this momma wanted it to be a surprise).  And now that our son has come, I can't decide which outfit I like best!  What do you think?! (I might have to get them both if you don't help me!...)
loving the polka dots on the giraffe, right?!
but the plaid bear is soooo cute!
I'll see you at the link up party!  Have a beautiful day and great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

make it better Monday!

Hello all!  I have once again neglected you, poor readers.  I do have a sort of good excuse...sort of...I keep hoping that this baby in me is going to come out and play sometime soon.  =)  But so far, the kid is still cooking and simmering or something like that and not quite ready to come.  So this momma is trying to be patient and enjoy this time.  All my other momma friends keep telling me to relax and enjoy it.  So I am doing my best.  Reading, watching some television shows, cooking for the hubby, etc.  That being said, make it better Monday installations may be a little less regular than previously....probably more of a bi-weekly or even later event once our little one does make its entrance!

But enough of that - on to this week's make it better Monday items!

1) Baby is coming!
Now before you think that I am in labor, I am NOT in labor - yet even though I have passed my due date.  But things are definitely changing, I am getting more uncomfortable sharing my body with another growing thing inside of me.  It is a little odd to realize how big this kid is getting inside of me!  And I'm excited.  Mostly just excited.  I know labor is not going to be "fun" but I am sooo ready to hold this baby in my arms instead of feeling like a pack mule.  =P

2) Lunch with friends
Like I said, it was hot this weekend and our house is not the coolest place ever so we ended up going out with friends for lunch after church yesterday and had a great time.  A fantastic pizza and Greek salad from Stonefire Grill.  Hadn't been there before but it was pretty tasty!

3) Breakfast with the hubby
So I told my man that I wanted to have breakfast with him at this amazing restaurant near our home before baby came.  But this amazing breakfast restaurant is only open til 2 pm everyday and tends to have lines out the door from 8:30 in the morning on.  And these lines seem to appear nearly every day but 'specially on weekends which is when we were planning on going.  But my hubby loves me so much he actually woke up early with me (what with the baby and all the late pregnancy discomfort, I'm usually up fairly early these days) and went to breakfast with me.  It was amazing - you have to come visit me and I will take you to try this apple pancake!
we shared a bacon and cheese omelet and the most amazing, ooey, gooey, apple pancake ever...this picture doesn't even begin to do it justice!!!  =)  I'm making myself hungry again.
I think that's everything for now folks!  Keep checking back on the blog - one of these days, baby might just show up!  Have a beautiful day!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

I remember...and can never forget...

I was torn about doing a post about 9/11.  I wondered what else I could say that hasn't been said before, thought before, or prayed before.  But then I realized something.  Talking about it is healing - and 9/11 was a huge national injury.  A wound that is still open, needing healing and life.  So here are a few of my muddled musings on the events that took place 10 years ago...

I was 14 years old when this all happened.  I was outside with my dogs, enjoying the Hawaii sun when my little sister came running out yelling something incoherent about airplanes, New York, and grandma and grandpa (they live in NY state).  As I dashed inside, my brain vainly tried to process through what could possibly be going on.  In the house, my mom and brother were glued in front of the tv, frozen by images of some of the biggest buildings in New York City burning and then collapsing.  Because of the time difference, by the time we heard about what was going on and got to the news, almost everything had already happened.  Both planes had hit, fires were everywhere, brave men and women were responding to this emergency, and everyone was praying with everything that was in them.  

In some ways, I think that made it harder.  There was now so much information to take in.  As we were slowly comprehending what was happening in New York, we were being bombarded with additional information that the Pentagon had been hit and there was another plane somewhere in Pennsylvania.  I don't remember thinking much...I think my heart was too full...or too broken.  

We did eventually talk to our grandparents and family in New York state, confirming their safety and waited and prayed for those whom we knew closer to the city and in other parts of the country.  That day still feels like a blur...I don't think much was done or accomplished but we kept functioning - somehow.  The months that would follow became much more challenging.  Here was a new threat in the world.  Almost like the beginning of a different kind of Cold War.  We knew who the enemy was but how do you fight something intangible?  

Marine friends started getting deployed several months later - I didn't see one friend for almost two years.  Air Force friends were also being activated for shorter periods of time.  As months turned into years, Army friends started doing one, two, or more tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was during these times that I struggled more.  I hated that these men and women were being forced away from their families and the "normal" lives they had lead by the hate of a small group of people.  My brain still can't quite understand it.  But our lives now are affected on a daily basis - our airports now look almost like army bases in some ways, the world halts at the slightest hint of an increase in security threat levels.  

But it has made things better too.  Immediately after September 11, 2001, I do not remember thinking about where God was.  I had always been taught that God knows all things and that He is in control of all things.  If that was the case, then He had to know what was going on and how to take care of us in the process.  As months and years wore on, I often wished I did not have to pray for the safety of friends in Baghdad or men driving convoys around the Middle East.  But I did.  I did pray for them and the families they had left behind.  And life went back to normal - which is the biggest victory we could have had in the situation.  One horrific event could not change God's plan of good for His people.

In the face of death and loss, Americans everywhere said that we would still fly in airplanes.  We said that we would still welcome people from all over the world who came to our land to start over.  We still go to work in tall buildings instead of burrowing underground like we could have.  Do these things sound silly?  Perhaps.  But this determination or resignation (sometimes I'm not sure there is a difference), has propelled people into the future which is now our present day.  

my family at my brother's commissioning as a US Army officer in 2010
My brother was inspired by the service of so many brave people to enlist in the Army himself.  He is now a second lieutenant who knows that he will be deployed next year into the same areas he heard about his mentors going.  I am so proud of him and what he truly believes is God's calling on his life.  But now my heart feels like it won't be able to handle it.  When will it all end?  God, will you keep my brother safe like you did all my friends?...

September 11th, 2001, were the first casualties in a war.  Men and women are still fighting that war today.  We remember because it is still with us.  But the wound that was created that day heals a little every time we push on and pray that God continue keep His people in the palm of His hand, at the center of His will...
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