Saturday, April 23, 2011

yumminess and lots of it!

You have been hearing about my pregnancy and everything going on with that.  You have also heard a little bit about the illnesses and the general tired feeling that I've been dealing with.  Well, a lot of that changed this past week.  I have been feeling so much better!  And with feeling better, I have been taking more interest in my food.  Yes, that was a highlight of my week.  =)  People who know me well know that I absolutely love food.  Tasting things that go together and compliment in texture and flavor is exciting!  It's an art form I can digest!  So I thought I would share some of my eats with you today.

the hubby got a ham and swiss omelet and I got the belgian waffle - amazing!
So the hubby and I have discovered a new cafe that we are LOVING.  It is a small, quiet, cute little place in the downtown area of Anaheim which has been under rehab for a while and is finally starting to come together.  We first went to Cafe Amore last Saturday for a leisurely breakfast and were really surprised at how good it all was (from the street, it looks like a dinky little hole in the wall place.  I have been taught once again, not to judge a book by its cover.).  The coffee was high quality, the food was hot and freshly prepared and they make all their baked goods on site!  Next time any of you come to visit me, I will probably bring you here.  =)  

my udon with tanuki (tempura crumbs) and spicy-tuna don.  uh-mazing!!!
Can I just pause here to say that I have the best hubby in the world?  He knows my likes and dislikes way better than I have ever thought.  And yesterday being Friday, we like to go out and spend the evening out when we can.  So he decided to take me to one of my favorite noodle houses.  Fukada's is, by the far, the best place for udon and soba anywhere!  They hand make all of their noodles the old-fashioned way that the owner brought over from Japan.  One of their dinner menu items allows you to pick either soba or udon and a side dish with it.  So I got hot udon with spicy tuna-don.  SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!  And I was so excited I was bouncing in my chair.  =P  I'm a little uncontrollable when it comes to really good food.  

And as I'm typing this, I am sitting back in Cafe Amore.  Enjoying one of their homemade chocolate chip scones and a lovely decaf vanilla latte.  I am so happy.  =)

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


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