Saturday, December 3, 2011

23rd and 22nd Deals til Christmas 2011!

Alright everyone!  Holiday season is in full swing!  I'm hoping to go get a Christmas tree today.  =)  It will actually be my first since I've been married.  We have spent the last two Christmases in Hawaii with my family but this year, we are going for New Years.  So I am determined to start some holiday traditions of our own.  Kind of really excited!!!

But now to the really important stuff - the deal!  From Saturday to Sunday, you get a free embroidered felt brooch with any purchase and free shipping!  Use coupon code "merryshipping" to get free shipping anywhere!  And in your message to seller, let me know what color pin you would like!  Here are some pre-made samples as well as the colors in the photo below!

from bottom to top: gray, teal (which didn't come out very well), orange, red, and faded royal blue
 Happy shopping, everyone!


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