Friday, July 13, 2012

a crazy week full of precious moments

Hello Hue Little Things

It has been a full week.  And I mean full in every sense of the term.  Both in terms of what I needed to do and the things I got to do with my family, the moments I treasure.
the family got to have some beach time and enjoyed a warm weather treat.  a kind stranger came up to us and told us that she had to take our picture because Hito was so excited and smiling so big about having his first shave ice!  I am rather in love with this picture.  
he got a little brain freeze.  =P
it was super yummy!
he passed out that night.  =)
a great bottle of wine that I talk about here
a little book I picked up for some summer reading...I finished it in two days.  It was really good!

we had some precious mommy and baby moments...

anyone else go and get donuts during their 75th birthday celebration?!  Happy birthday, Krispy Kreme!
and did you know that some stores have clearance on their flowers?!?!  I got a dozen roses and these sunflowers (as far as I can learn, they are called teddy bear sunflowers.  anyone want to help me out on this one?)

But all in all, it has been a wonderful week and I am endeavoring to savor the little things and work on the big ones.  Linking up with Lindsay over at Hello Hue for her Friday linky party!

Have a beautiful day!


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