Monday, December 3, 2012

Some of the things on my wishlist...

A friend on Facebook commented this week that she kept adding to her wishlist as she was shopping for other people.  So these are some of the things I am adding to my list as I am doing my shopping for everyone else.  =)

1) Baking supplies:  I realized as I was trying to do some baking recently that I don't have some essentials.  Things like pastry brushes, a pastry cutter, or even a second cookie sheet (do you know how hard it is to bake cookies with only one cookie sheet?!).  

Pastry Brushes @ Sur La Table

2) New baby bag to accommodate two kiddos:  I was on a coffee date with some moms from church and their little ones and saw this in a shop and kind of loved the bag.

Wistful Weekender by Petunia Pickle Bottoms
3) Cute stuff for the house: I think house decorating must be a live long task because I feel like I am still working on it all.  But you know what, that's ok because I keep finding cute stuff that I want.  =)

For my office by dearmoonbeams via Etsy (if you are still shopping for Christmas gifts too, check out her shop.  Megan is a good friend who makes adorable things!)
Air plants for our bedroom by PetitBeast
What is on your wishlist?  Any other ideas for me or did I help you think about your list?!

Have a beautiful day!


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