Thursday, January 17, 2013

Project Pinterest 2013 :: Roasted Tomato Soup

Well folks, here it is.  My first Pinterest project of 2013 and if they continue as good as this one, you may be seeing several projects a month rather than the one that I definitely committed myself to.  =)

So it has been rather freezing in Southern California recently.  (I admit that I may be exaggerating slightly but given my Hawaiian roots, you can't blame me.)  =P  And that has put me in the mood for soup.  Pinterest to the rescue!  And I just happened to stumble across this pin (by the way, the blog where I found this recipe has lots of other great recipes!):

Roasted Tomato Soup

The recipe is so incredibly simple for a creamy soup recipe with ingredients you are likely to always have in the house.  So I decided to make it.  I did make a few tweaks that I will make note of as I share my pics with you all.
Sauteing veggies to soften.

Almost finished product.

Mom and kiddo's helping with a little parmesan cheese on the top and I have to have Tabasco in my soup.  =)
I ended up doubling the recipe (I like to have left overs for lunches).  And I made my own chicken stock.  But part of the reason that I loved this recipe is that they had the genius idea to roast canned tomatoes in the oven for an additional dimension of flavor to the recipe.  It turned out to be super easy.  NOTE: If you like a tomato-y soup, add more tomatoes.  I ended up adding an extra can of tomatoes and blending them like the rest of the soup is.  The extra can really helped make the tomatoes and not just the rest of the vegetables taste-able...yes, I know that is not really a word.  =P

Anyway, point is, the soup was good!  The hubby ate it, the kid ate it, and I enjoyed it too.  Try it - I approve of this recipe.  =)  Now I'm off to find my next Pinterest project!

Have a beautiful day!

Friday, January 4, 2013

another new year...

This post is a little late but I am just saying I was thinking about things a little more.  =P

A lot of bloggers pick a word for their year.  I like the idea but I know for myself, I need something a little more concrete.  So what I am going to do is pick a word and put an action with it.  Ironically, my word is action.

the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim

I know that a problem I have is that I talk about doing things but then I only get a fraction of them done.  I have justified this in the past as being "the way I am".  But I have been convicted recently that this is not a very God-honoring way to live.  He does every single thing that He has ever said or promised He would do. As His child, I should be striving to live like He is.  So this year, I am resolving to act.

Besides endeavoring to be more deliberate about the things I accomplish this year, I am setting myself a personal goal.  I love Pinterest (I mean, who doesn't?) and get sucked in for hours at all the great recipes and crafty ideas that can be found there.  So for 2013, I am going to do at least ONE Pinterest project per month!  It might be a recipe, it might be a craft.  Either way, I will share my endeavors with you here on the blog.

action via Etsy
2013 already promises me another baby, a trip back to Hawaii, and lots of time for God to work in my life.  And I am praying that I will be ready for it all.  =)

Have a beautiful day!

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