Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm back!

After a bit of a hiatus (life gets crazy!), I am back at my computer and looking for inspiration and motivation.

I find that if I'm not careful, I get sucked into the wonderful world of Etsy! Almost anything you could possibly want, you can find on this site! So I start looking for one thing and get side-tracked to another. And then I start getting a little discouraged because everyone else is so much more talented than I am! But I love looking and dreaming that maybe someday, I will be as amazing as these other people!

But I have come across some great summer items and vendors on Etsy and am just going to list a few of them here for you:
-> "Water Gemstone Stackable Rings": I am in LOVE with these colors! If you don't like them...I don't know what to say. =)
-> "Ultra Thin Braided Leather Wristlets": Once again, loving the colors! And I love leather but sometimes have a hard time finding items that are more classic in that material. I think this seller does an awesome job at it!
-> "Tall Quilted Soap Dispenser": People have the greatest ideas! This seller upcycled jam jars into soap dispensers! I think it is a great easy bathroom addition for a bit of change at a little price!
And what kind of girl would I be if I didn't include something sweet and cute for summer wear!
-> "Marilyn Dress Ready to Ship": I have to admit, I have a weakness for halter style dresses and feel in love with how easy to wear this one looks! The color is a favorite shade of blue too. =)

So there are a few of my recommendations for summer splurges. They are some of the top items on my list!

Have a beautiful day, everyone...


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