Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My week thus far

So it is September 29th today.  The end of September.  Fall has officially begun and I assumed that cooler weather would soon be coming our way.  I love scarves and accessorizing with them so I was really looking forward to actually needing them versus suffering for the sake of looking cute.  =)

But alas.  Southern California weather has not been so helpful.  The weather has been well over 100 for two days and still staying in the high 90s today much to my chagrin.  And since it is so warm, I'm having a hard time getting myself to focus on the work that is before me - and hard to remember that it is, in fact, the end of September and that the Christmas holidays are upon us!

But Etsy has done a wonderful job of trying to force me to remember so I am doing that.  Besides my Christmas shopping updates which you have been seeing, I will also be keeping you all up to date on my jewelry preparations for the holidays and trying to give some (hopefully) helpful ideas for all of your shopping needs as well.

But while I am working on all of those things, the late Indian summer we are having right now has been inspiring as well as difficult to work in.  There have been magnificent sunsets and the most breath-taking harvest moons.  My husband took this shot over the weekend and you can even see Venus in the shot too.

While we wait for the cooler weather that does usually come to Orange County during the autumn and winter, I will endure the heat if I can enjoy more beautiful evenings like these.

Have a beautiful week everyone!


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