Monday, October 4, 2010

My dream for my jewelry

Hello everyone!  I like greeting all of you as if we were meeting up in a coffee shop somewhere, cozy and warm, ready to chat about all the things that are going on in our lives - especially the places where we are hoping to go in life.  I think about the future a lot - as a business owner, wife, employee, daughter, sister, and friend, I hope that all of those around me, all of those dear to me, will have their hopes and dreams fulfilled.  And once in a while, I stop to think about what that means for me personally.

I have only started selling my jewelry seriously in the last 10 months.  While it has been wonderful, it has not always been as fiscally successful as I could wish.  But then I stop to think about what financial success would bring me and I realize that that isn't what I am truly hoping for.  As much as I truly want my business to be successful, I want it to be successful because people like what I make and it is a desirable design and product for women around the world.  

Etsy has had their holiday challenges in their weekly emails and I was thinking about what my mission statement for the holidays is.  Most people are probably writing about their sales goals and I should probably be working on something like that but I would have to say it is something along these lines:

I make jewelry that I LOVE and I share it through Etsy so that other women with fashionable and classic taste in jewelry can have the opportunity to get the exact jewelry and styles they want for themselves and to share with others they love.  

My jewelry is about color and texture and whole fashion ensembles and lasting quality for each customer.  That is what I hope people know about me and my work when I am done with this whole exciting and frustrating and scary and fulfilling jewelry endeavor.

For now, as I continue to tweak and work on fixing my problems, I find inspiration for my designs and color combinations usually come from looking at couture fashion designers or nature.  (I know, really odd combination.)  But with a husband who takes pictures like this, how can I help it?   

Have a beautiful day!  <3


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