Tuesday, November 30, 2010

25 Deals til Christmas Specials!

I realized I have exactly three weeks before I get to go to Hawaii to see my side of the family for Christmas!  Which is incredibly exciting for me but that also means time is ticking away at all of the things that I have been wanting to get done also.  So this post will be to catch you all up on some of the big things that are going to be happening for me and Sense and Sensibility during the month of December.

1: Introducing a New Collection
For those of you who pay very close attention to what is going on in my Etsy, you may have noticed a new section in the store this past week.  That is because I finally found a name that I liked for it!  So I am now introducing (drumroll please!): "California Breezes"!
There is a section set aside for these items in my shop so take a look and let me know what you think!  More color combinations and items will be added through the next few days.  I would appreciate the feed back.  =)  

2: 25 Deals til Christmas Specials
I am introducing what I hope will become a holiday tradition of mine in my business.  =)  For each day of the month up to (and including Christmas Day), I will be featuring a different sale or special deal on Sense and Sensibility!
For the first day (December 1st), I am celebrating my new collection with 25% off City Lights Bracelets (prices will be adjusted already)!  There is a limited supply so get them while you can and spread the word around!  And then keep checking back for a new deal each day!

3: A few other surprises up my sleeve.  =)
There will be more little surprises in the coming days also so I hope to see you back here soon!

Have a beautiful day!


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