Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Recap!

After a rather busy day, I am now sitting at home again, quietly reading news from the day (and reading everyone's beautiful Thanksgiving day blogposts!), catching up on Facebooking friends around the country, and enjoying a once-in-a-blue-moon quiet evening at home with the hubby.  It is lovely!

I had a very blessed Thanksgiving "day" because I feel like I had was able to celebrate for two days!  One of my college roommates (whom you have seen before because she has modeled my jewelry before: like this item!) was in town to see family for the weekend and I was able to steal her away from her family for one night!  It was an occasion to celebrate and talk and eat.  We ate a lot.  =)  Whenever she comes in town, we have begun a tradition of going to one of our favorite restaurants and I had an amazing drink - a chocolate wine.  "Chocolate Amore" is its name and I had to take some pictures of it:
Words cannot even describe quite how good it was.  It is a rich red wine with strong cherry tones and an amazingly smooth dark chocolate finish.  If you are a chocolate lover, you have to try finding this wine!  (I did find a list of online stores you can order it from here.)  

And then, for Thanksgiving day, I talked to my family in Hawaii on the phone and spent the afternoon/evening in a combination of eating, recovering from eating, and enjoying general family time.    Now that I'm awake on Black Friday, I have to get myself in gear and do some shopping!  I was really hoping to finish my family Christmas shopping today so you may very well be seeing many more posts from me this weekend completing my Operation Family Chrismas Shopping saga!!!

Have fun out there (or at home - however you do your shopping) and check out some of these blogs for great helps for online deals this weekend!


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