Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Selling Myself

Every once in a while, I take the plunge and troll through the endless sources of wisdom and information that Etsy has made available to its users.  Whether you are a buyer, seller, or just interested, there is a ridiculously large amount of reading material in their forums and community areas.  To make matters worse, once I start reading, I feel like I have to keep reading because I might miss something really valuable!  And then I look up at the clock and two hours have gone by... Sadly, this is from more than one experience...  =)

The one piece of advice I keep seeing on Etsy is to be unique, to have something that separates you from the competition.  I guess I have been feeling a little less than unique recently.  Sometimes selling handmade goods is an uphill battle in a seasonal Gucci, Chanel, and Prada world.  But Etsy is constant proof to me that people do actually like buying handmade and vintage items - things that will be treasured for a long time to come or have already seen a lot of loving!

So this post is my brainstorm "outloud" to you, my blog readers, to see if you think I am on the right track. Here goes:

Hi!  Welcome to Sense and Sensibility Designs - the home of "sensible" jewelry!  
Every piece is made by hand and many of them are completely one of a kind.  

I like to think that I have jewelry for every woman!  I have long and dangly earrings for the trendsetter or shorter and stylish for someone who likes the classics.  Necklaces are long and layerable or petite and pretty!  But my favorite thing of all is making something special - just for you!  So if you have a special request, that's what I love to make happen.  Your idea can become reality!

All the metal I use is sterling silver.  I have sensitive skin and ears so I make it at that high quality so no one else has to worry about what it will do to their skin!  Not only do I only use sterling silver but I endeavor to use the highest quality shells, pearls, and gems that I can find.  You want your jewelry to last you a long time and so do I - I will do everything I can to make that reality.

Every piece of jewelry I make ends up feeling like an old friend.  When you decide you want to give my pieces a home and a future, it makes me very excited!  I always love seeing pictures of my creations "in action."  I am also a little weird like that and give inanimate objects personalities.  =P

That is Sense and Sensibility in a very small nutshell.  =)  

What do you think?  Am I on the right track?  

And don't forget!  There will be a Black Friday through Cyber Monday sale @ Sense and Sensibility!  Click on the sale button on the right to see some other great vendors doing the same!  

Have a beautiful day!


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