Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mother's day!!!

I am a very blessed girl.

I didn't always like to admit it, but yes, Mom, you were right.

You were right when you said plucking my eyebrows would be more work than I would ever really like doing but you also understood why I wanted to be a "big girl" too.  =)

You were right when you said that taking care of your own house is worth doing...I just didn't want to admit it.

You were right when you made me get up early every Sunday morning to develop a habit of worship in your children.

You were so patient when you kept washing clothes and cooking food when I never said thank you.

You were my support when I was having a rough day at school, work, or any time.

You were my example of love and obedience in Christ.

You are my mom and I am more thankful for that than I can ever say.

And since I got married, I now have two moms!  

Happy Mother's Day!!!


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