Sunday, May 1, 2011

what a weekend!

When I got to last Friday, I was excited looking forward to the weekend.  We had dinners planned with friends, creative overload with some new jewelry projects (check out my shop to see some of what I was working on), church, and a Sunday afternoon nap.  =)  Let's just say that things ended up a little differently than I was planning.

We did have an amazing dinner at Ciao Italia.The hubby and I had this place recommended to us a year or two ago and we have fallen in love.  I know not everyone who reads this blog is in the area but if you are able to go, their paninis and salads are to die for (just check out the pictures on their yelp page).  Traditional Italian stuff like imported meats make the experience second to none.  Maurizio and Rosanna are amazing restraunteurs and now friends.  So we got invited to their special barbeque that they invite regulars to and had an amazing meal.
superbly seasoned short ribs, skirt steak, handmade Italian sausage, and a little salad with their house balsamic dressing - yes, yes, it was AMAZING!
But then, things got interesting.  The hubby got sick and the headaches that come with it often threaten to turn into much worse migraines.  So it was a late night on Saturday trying to help ease the pain.  But it made me deal with how helpless I can feel when I just want to make him feel better!!!  

Then things kept progressing.  I made the trek to church on my own this morning, letting the hubby keep sleeping.  I help by playing piano at church and took care of that and came home to my husband...who had managed to slice his thumb open while washing dishes to try and help me out.  My husband is the greatest...but sometimes he hurts himself in his greatness.  =)  

And then - the news.  The news that one of the men who had been fighting against the philosophical and economic freedoms that Americans and Western civilization has developed over the last hundred years is dead.  It is anyone's guess what the future holds.  But we are living in changing times.  And yet, to quote a twitter post I saw tonight, "Don't celebrate death, celebrate justice."  God bless America...


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