Monday, June 6, 2011

catch up day

You all have been hearing me lament how I'm awful at taking pictures of things going on in my life to share with you but I finally got some of my act together!  (you should be so proud)  =P  But in trying to take more pictures, I've forgotten to actually post these to share with you.  Well...partially forgotten, partially due to an extremely busy week outside of the blogosphere but it is good to be back!  And I promise that I will try to be more consistent.  =)

But first, to catch you all up on some of the things that I have been doing.  (Now would be the time to navigate away from this window if you are uninterested, and don't worry - I won't be offended).  =)

I hope that wherever you live, you had as lovely of a morning as I did.  I took my breakfast and Bible reading outside this morning and it was fantastic.  Cool, crisp, clear, and most quiet except the mockingbirds who don't like to let us go into our own backyard.

coffee, peanut butter & guava jelly toast, Bible, and iPad to check email when I was done with the first three  =)
But one of the big things that I've been working on this past week was my little flower bed.  I've been talking about doing it for about three months now and finally, the hubby helped me clear out the weeds that had been making my yard ugly before and I got to put in some plants that were meant to be there.
I chose some lavender (which is supposed to attract butterflies),  

And all in all, I'm very excited to have some bright colors and lots of work in my backyard during the next few months.  =)

Have you planted a summer garden?

Have a beautiful summer day!


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