Monday, June 20, 2011

make it better Mondays!

Some of you may remember me talking about wanting to be more regular about blogging and getting a schedule going was one of them.  So this is my start towards that goal.  I here by introduce you to:

make it better Mondays!

I don't know about you but I have a love hate relationship with Mondays. I love my weekends and all the time I get to spend with hubby and the more relaxing parts of life. But I honestly love all the different jobs I have right now. Jewelry making is relaxing for me, babysitting is fun (usually anyway), and office work forces me to keep myself relatively organized.

That being said, I do hate getting out of bed on Monday mornings. So the goal of this new weekly post is my pick-me-up to get myself going and hopefully encourage all of my readers to do the same and look at the positives versus the downer of it being a Monday. =)

This week...
1) Riding in your car with the windows open
It isn't exactly the same as riding in the car but this dude was ripping with his kite...I've always wanted to try kite surfing...
With the weather being so nice, I had to do it today.  And it was lovely.  Even though I got my hair all tangled from the wind whipping through it, you get that exhilarating feeling of being so close to flying if you could just get your wings to deploy and gravity to let up for just a second.  Yes, my imagination often comes up with weird, random, and not quite normal things.  =)

2) Just had a relaxing weekend spent with and talking to both of my dads
one of the few and precious pictures of me and my dad in more recent times

I don't know about all of you, but we had a wonderful Father's Day BBQ with my hubby's family and I got spend a good chunk of time on the phone with my dad back in Hawaii.

3) Coke  
the only thing better than Coke is Coke with In N Out burger =)  this picture is from last summer when my cousin and bestie were visiting.
I love Coke.  It is my weakness.  I've done a pretty darn good job cutting it out of my diet since I've been pregnant but I still LOVE my coke and hot summer days scream for an ice cold Coke!

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Hope you enjoy this first edition of make it better Mondays!


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