Monday, June 27, 2011

make it better Mondays!

Has anyone else felt like this past week has just flown by?!  It feels like I was just at last Monday working on the make it better Monday post from last week!  But here we are again and there are definitely some things that I am very excited about this week for!

1) Custom Weddings and Jewelry

these are the bridesmaid necklaces I made for the first wedding I did this summer.  they looked a lot more sparkly in person.
I have another custom wedding that I am making jewelry and accessories for!  So excited for how these are turning out (hopefully you will all like them too!) and it probably means that you all will be seeing some new products in the Etsy shop in the coming weeks - trying to get this wedding done and then I will work on pushing some of those things out.  =)

2) My brother is getting married!!!
aren't they cute?!  he flew to South Korea to propose because that is where she is working right now!
I haven't told you all the good news but my little (who is not so little anymore) brother proposed to his girlfriend (now fiance...soon to be wife!!!) and she said yes!!!  So excited for them.  =)  They are cute, aren't they?

3) Yummy food =)
my current work area looks a little less jumbled than this...a little better...hopefully.  =)
This seems to be a trend now when I am working on jewelry and custom orders.  I tend to get the munchies and so I had a peanut butter sandwich and a vanilla cupcake with almond frosting and an apple for lunch today.  It was incredibly yummy.  And I'm making fried rice for dinner!  Good, Hawaiian fried rice...with lots of spam (yes, I eat spam. you can't help it when you live/grow up in Hawaii) and celery and carrots and a fried egg on top.  I'm making myself hungry already.  =)  

I think it will be a good week, don't you?


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