Tuesday, July 5, 2011

make it better Monday!

This post is a day late because of the fourth of July! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and enjoyed times with family and friends. But I thought I would still share my make it better Monday thoughts with you on Tuesday. :)

1) weddings - one of my dear dear friends got married today!  I had the pleasure of making her bridesmaids jewelry and hair pieces.  I will have pictures for you very soon.  =)
2) little things - we had a lovely Fourth of July weekend in the mountains spending a little time with family and when we got home, one of my in-laws cats decided we had been gone too long.  =)
this is Amber.  She voluntarily jumped in my lap even though she usually isn't a people person.  
3) amazing bakeries - one of the highlights of our time in Big Bear is this little bakery: Sugar Pine Bake Shop.  I don't have pictures of everything we ate from there because all the cookies, bars, and bread disappeared really quickly.  =)
this gives you a good idea of the amazing things they make.  that m&m cookie is heavenly.  it would be well worth your trip to Big Bear only for that one thing.  =)
Have a beautiful week!


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