Friday, October 21, 2011

beautiful little things...

I've decided to link up with Lindsay's fantastic link up party again and am loving how it makes me think of the happy things rather than the disappointing or difficult things (if you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can check out yesterday's post...I was having a hard time).  So this is my pick me up right now and I love pick me ups and checking out everyone else's great weeks too!

Aisle to Aloha

1) Non-dairy coffee creamer
While I was pregnant, I admit I wasn't always real great about laying off the caffeine.  I am one of those people who love coffee for the taste - not necessarily the caffeine.  So I was not always paying attention to when I was drinking caffeinated versus decaffeinated beverages (although I really did try).  But when I started breastfeeding, I quickly realized that my baby did not like when I drank milk (which often happens to babies).  So I was bummed I might not be able to drink any coffee (I like lattes and flavor in my coffee) until I was done breast feeding - which was going to be difficult for me because I LOVE the taste of coffee!!!  But my mom and mom-in-law came to the rescue!!!  They reminded me that most flavored creamers from the grocery store are non-dairy and lactose free!  So I can still get my coffee fix!  And this week, I picked up a new flavor.  So now my current fav flavor is Almond Joy from International Delight.  If you like coconut at all, you have to try it!

via International Delight

2) Flowers
When Hito was born, my in-laws got me an orchid plant (my fav flower!) and it has been holding up beautifully!  There is just a little bit of sun that comes through the blinds by the piano in the morning and it seems to be thriving!  This week, the whole plant seems to have opened up!  I love looking at the rich colors of it - can't go wrong with orchids!

3) Baby time  =)
I was texting a friend of mine this week and observed to her that I am liking being a mom.  She responded that she thought it was the best job in the world.  I'm rather inclined to agree.  =)  But I have had the blessing of having so many family members close by to help hold and enjoy baby time too.  It is an amazing and joyful time.

It is a lovely day to remember the little things.  =)  Have a beautiful day!


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