Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12th & 11th Deals til Christmas 2011!

Hey everyone!  So lots of fun things going on recently.  I am going to be posting and linking up with the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts link-up party (courtesy of the awesome Sandy & Ilene!) pretty quick here.  I had an awesome partner (thanks, Tahnie!!!) - you should go check out her blog.  She is super inspiring and always encouraging to read.  So go visit her and you'll be hearing from both of us soon.  =)

But for now, here is your deal for today and tomorrow!!!

12th & 11th Deals til Christmas!!!

You, my dear readers, get free shipping!  Use coupon code "merryshipping" to get free shipping anywhere!  If you order asap, I will even do my best to make sure the item gets to you before Christmas if you are still looking for gifts!

So you could this...
or this...
or even a new item or two hitting the shop in the next day or two!

Hope to see you in the shop!!!   Have a beautiful day!


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