Monday, April 30, 2012

back to the grind

So...I have (obviously) not posted in quite a while.  But rather than going on and on about how I have meant to blog (and obviously haven't), I thought I would just give you the reader's digest edition of my life this past month.  And there will be consecutive posts elaborating on some of the more interesting happenings. =) But it is good to be back and look forward to seeing my readers around the interwebs!

  • Brother's wedding (pretty big deal and lots of pictures to follow)
  • Play dates with Hito and friends
  • Good food
  • Beach time while in Hawaii
  • Good food in Hawaii
  • Spending three weeks in Hawaii (technically 20 days but let's make me feel a little better and pretend I had another day)
  • Friends having babies!
  • Lots of inspiration for jewelry 
  • More good food...... =P
  • Hito rolling all over the floor
  • Also, he is eating solids really well now
  • Read all three Hunger Games books (my review to follow)
  • Good friends getting married
  • And lots more stuff that I will share with you in posts that are coming to a computer near you!

Have a beautiful day, everyone!


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