Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wine Wednesday :: Villa Fulvia 2005 Ripasso

Welcome back everyone!  At least I hope you've come back to hear about another fabulous wine!

Alright, so I kind of started drinking and eating rather quickly again...I will get pictures of my meals and share them with you very soon though!

Today's wine is a beautiful red wine that will wow your taste buds and play nice with your wallet.  Now, I am a mother and wife, my family lives off of mostly one income (I do part time work here and there but nothing steady at the moment) so cost-effective wines are a must.  That being said, at $16.99 a bottle from my favorite Orange County wine shop, Wine Exchange, is pretty darn good considering the great qualities of this wine.

Villa Fulvia 2005 Ripasso
At my first taste, I thought it is so easy...that doesn't explain much but let me see if I can expand that.  It is not overly fruity or acidic so you don't feel like you are getting hit in the face with a big crazy flavor.  There were fruity undertones but it was so well balanced!  I had this wine with pizza and it was fantastic!  I have heard that it goes really well with pork but like I said, I was pretty happy with my pizza and wine.  =)  The longer it sat in my glass, the flavor developed into a rich, full, dark, flavor...think dark chocolate with cherries...really dark chocolate with really ripe cherries eaten outdoors with the smell of the outdoors as you eat...or in this case, drink!

Check it out, folks.  You won't regret it!

Have a beautiful day!


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