Thursday, February 14, 2013

V-Day Mug Swap Swag!

Do you know what I love?  People.  I love people.  Especially ones that I feel I have found a kindred spirit in.  And I also love other people who have made it their job to bring all of us kindred spirits together.

And so today you are getting a lovely little glimpse at a kindred spirit.  Kimber was my swap partner for the #vdaymugswap exchange hosted by Alissa & Caroline (which you should totally get in on next year, if you didn't do it this year).  Anyway, back to people.  Kimber blogs over here and you should definitely take a read.  She has a heart for the Lord that is so encouraging and refreshing.  She is sweet, crafty, and an all-around awesome person to know!  

A little look at all the goodies she sent me (minus most of the candy...I've been in a chocolate/nut mood and that's what she sent me).  =)  But did you know that those fabric pieces are actually tape & tags?  She made them herself!  And she wrote about it on her blog here so go check it out!  I am so excited to use them!
This candle smells good enough to eat.  But I will restrain myself and just enjoy the scent.
There is something spiritual about good coffee in a cute mug.  It inspires the mind and caffeinates the body!
So like I said, I love people and I have loved getting to know Kimber and am excited to stay in touch!

Have a lovely Valentine's Day, everyone!


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