Friday, April 5, 2013

I like making jewelry!!!

A few weeks ago, I was approached to make a set of jewelry for a friend of mine who is a bridesmaid this coming weekend.  I said of course and we began discussing what she wanted the look and feel of the jewelry to be.  My friend got her order in the mail earlier this week and said she was in love with everything so I thought I would share a few quick pics with you all here (the pictures are from my phone so they are a little fuzzy sometimes but I had to share because I had so much fun making it all).

The wedding colors are purple, black, and pearl.  The bridesmaids are wearing black gowns (its an evening wedding) so we ended up with designs that focused on the lighter colors for some accent pop.

For more info on custom orders or to check out my ready made designs, visit my Etsy shop at or click on the the shop link on the right!  Or send me an email (snsandsnsibility{at}!

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!


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