Thursday, May 30, 2013

anticipation and thankfulness, or pregnancy and baby showers

Tomorrow is 38 weeks on the baby wait calendar.  And it has made for some interesting personal reflections.  It has been interesting seeing how my thought process has evolved from when I was expecting no. 1.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this post about my insecurities about being a momma of two.  Since then...I have realized more and more strongly that things will work out.  Not easy, lots of hard work, but exactly how God plans them to be.  I have an amazing husband, supportive family, dear friends, and a heavenly Father who are always with me.

The point is that I am really looking forward to having two.  I am very aware that my time will be even less my own than is currently the case but does it matter when you have another pair of arms to nurture so that they will give me hugs and cuddles like Hito does already?  I don't think he quite knows that he is going to have a sister but that's ok.  =P  He is growing into quite the affectionate, curious, mischievous little guy and I can't wait to have another little person in our house.

Am I being very biased if I say he is getting to be too stinking handsome?
One of the things that I am so thankful for right now are a church family and dear friends who mean the world to me.  These ladies threw me a baby shower about a month ago and that was when it really set in that another baby was going to enter our lives.

My dear friend Kristin (who you have heard me talk about regularly) threw me the shower and did such an amazing job!  I felt so spoiled and loved!  I mean, just look at what she did!  She knows that this book, Jamberry, is one of my absolute favorite children's stories and used it as the theme for the shower - it was to die for!

Kristin used the book as a guest book!  It was the sweetest idea!
And her decorations on the dessert table alone are kind of amazing!  And the food was fantastic too!
Kristin, thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this shower and for your sweet friendship.  You are a huge source of encouragement and love and growth to me and I thank God that He put both of us in the same church with the chance to meet and grow together!  Xoxo!
Check out Kristin's blog for more pictures too!  (As well as her website because she is kind of amazingly talented and makes beautiful bridal and hair accessories!  She even made me a hair piece for the shower - but you have to go check out her blog to see that!)

Have a beautiful day!


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