Wednesday, June 26, 2013

One week as a momma of two

Hello all!

It is now officially summer!  I am writing this post while sitting outside watching my toddler play and listening to the sleeping baby snuffles of the newest member of our family.

Everyone, meet Sophia Aiko.  =) She joined us last week Wednesday and has been increasing our joy so much.

Being a momma of two is...interesting, challenging, amazing, rewarding, and more than anything else, exhausting.  But none of those things makes me regret anything or wish that I wasn't on this journey.  And for the sake of getting some of these thoughts out of my head, I thought I would share a few of the lessons I've learned so far here:

  • No matter how many kids you have, an infant's feeding requirements make sleep a scarce event.
  • When you have multiple little ones requiring your attention, you have to make certain arrangements to make sure your body heals after having a baby.  It is easy to forget that your body needs a little time to recover but I have a feeling that it will be well worth the consideration now.
  • Husbands/fathers are God's greatest blessing to moms.
  • Most importantly, nothing could have prepared me for the richness of love and sweetness of big brother getting used to her and the swelling of emotion from this momma.  It is an amazing thing to see and feel your family and love growing.  
There are certainly challenges.  I have been near tears with exhaustion but also over the moon with the beauty of the relationships that are being developed in our little family.  God has always given the grace needed for each trial and I know He will always be faithful.

Have a beautiful summer day!


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