Thursday, September 5, 2013

all growed up...

Today, my baby sister goes off to college.  My baby sister who used to copy everything that I did, said everything I said, and is becoming so much better than me.

There used to be a little bit of an age difference (in years, there is a nine year gap) but she has grown and matured so much.  She is zealous for the Lord, cares for others, and is seriously and deliberately trying to become the woman the Lord is molding her into.

I used to teach her things and now I opportunities to learn from her.  She is a great writer (she and I blog together over at and has helped me process through a lot of my thoughts.  She is a great auntie and fun to shop with.  =P  A requirement for all sisters, right?

She will always be my "baby" (I think I called her that until she was 8) and a little bit of a pain.  But I couldn't be prouder of where she is going.


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