Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Another year, another holiday.

But not just another day.

Today, I am doing my darnedest to hold on to the lovely, true, and good - to actively thank for those things.

For family, for kids, for house, for clothes, for a luxury business, for a brain, for writing, for coffee, for good days and bad, for marriage, for food, for wine, for sleep, for movement, for health, for cars, for fuzzy slippers, for freedom, for phones, for texting, for memories, for photos, for presents, for baby hugs and kisses, for video games, for people to game with, for pillow forts, for cuddle time, for beauty, for...everything.

Because really, nothing I have is mine.  If we are really honest, don't we all know that?  Someone else worked to give us life in the beginning.  Others worked to give us education.  It is all gift - great and gracious.

And so today, thanks to the Father of lights, the Giver of all gifts.

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