Sunday, April 13, 2014

Project Pinterest :: February & March!

I promise I did not forget about this!  But the last two or so months have included a teething baby, family visiting, being wedding coordinator for dear friends' special day, making jewelry for and selling at several clothing pop shops - and I still managed to get a couple of things into this project!

So for February, I had this wild idea to make something scrumptious for my hubby instead of trying to find a good gift.  Food is a love language for both of us so I gave it a shot.  And for my ridiculously over ambitious project, I took on the illustrious pain aux raisins.  It is a croissant with rum soaked raisins and an amazing pastry cream to keep it all together.  I will be sharing pictures but not the specific recipe, sorry, I won't do that to them.

Bouchon Bakery cookbook - worth every penny
But like I said, it was a bit ambitious.  I ended up baking for almost 12 hours because it has a lot of steps and you have to chill the dough between every step!  Thankfully, the hubby loved my efforts as did my dear friend who has tasted both the real deal and my feeble attempt.  =)

Kind of an old picture but we do love our Bouchon!
So that was my February project.  March was pretty crazy because I was doing a bunch of different stuff getting ready for a wedding and making jewelry (btw, several of the new pieces are listed at!)  But back to what I am really trying to talk about.  So March I did some more baking out of the Bouchon Bakery cookbook - this time as a birthday treat for the hubby.  And this project was much more within my skill level and came out beautifully...unfortunately, all the cookies got eaten before I could get a picture of any of them.  Hopefully, that means that project turned out well.  =)
I did do one other project for March that is amazingly easy!  If you are looking for a nice refresh to your jewelry box this spring, try this project out!  My favorite vendor is Rio Grande and they have this ridiculously easy wire wrapped ring tutorial that you can do yourself!

Wire-Wrapped Bead Ring
One of the easiest tutorials I have come across in a while.  If you aren't quite able to get the hang of it yourself, I have a few of my own version of this ring available at Aime Jewelry now!  But really, you should give it a try!

So if you have been able to work on any creative, Pinterest-inspired projects, share them!  I would love to get some ideas for some new things too!

Have a beautiful day!


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