Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some thoughts on color

Alright everyone.  I'm putting this out there for everyone to know exactly what I think:


I had the privilege of selling my jewelry at a fundraiser for a wonderful woman who could really use our help (if you are interested in knowing more about what I'm talking about, check out the fundraiser item on my Etsy).  As I was talking to the someladies who were looking at my jewelry, the topic of color came up.  My displays a generally colorful and my jewelry definitely favors bright colors in classic combinations.   One new friend, Andrea, said she knew that she wore "boring" colors but couldn't help it - that was what she liked.

Here is an honest opinion for ladies out there who think they need to keep up with the latest and greatest fashions and color palettes: your favorites are the latest and greatest for you.  Regardless of whether you like hot pink or a mousy grey, you will wear what you like the best.

But in addition to the fact that you are most confident in what you are most comfortable in, color is just another tool in your fashion arsenal.  While the "season" system is not always the most accurate, it does give women (and men) the understanding that certain colors look better on you than others.  HOWEVER: this does not mean that those other colors will look bad on you.  Simply that you will have strengths and weaknesses in complimenting your skin tone or eyes or shoes or jewelry or whatever the case may be.

So next time you stand in front of your closet and think, "Man, I have a lot of black (or white or fill-in-the-blank with the most popular color in your wardrobe)" change it into something more like, "Hmm...this little black dress would look awesome with some teal shoes and matching clutch" or "That grey shell and cardigan could have more variety with some red jewelry."

The secret to colors is to have variety and the ability to mix things up.  So instead of tossing that plain blue t-shirt, layer it with another tank top or put a scarf on or a necklace that adds color.  You probably have more options than you know already in your closet.  Go and have some fun with mixing and matching!


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