Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My week thus far part 2

So I have been a little missing from the blogging/tweeting scene for the past four days but I have a very good reason.  In addition to keeping you all up to date on my jewelry making and more creative enterprises, you, my dear readers, will also be hearing about my husband's and my new house buying journey!

We have been married for just over a year and have been looking for a place to buy for about two years now.  =)  We wanted to be prepared so we were doing a lot of planning ahead.  But now we have found it.  My mother-in-law was walking her dog in their neighborhood and saw a "Coming Soon" sign and picked up a flyer for the cutest historic home ever!!!  Or at least it will be once we actually buy it and fix it up.

But that may be getting ahead of myself.  =P  We haven't bought it yet but we are working hard on getting paperwork finished up and loan approvals gotten and things like that.  It is not a done deal yet so I am not going to commit myself by posting a picture - you will get to see it when or if we own it.  But that being said...my updates may be come either more sporadic or else my blog may become my own little mental get away location.  I never realized how labor intensive purchasing a house can be!  But I really, REALLY, wanted to share this exciting news with my blog buddies!

Have a beautiful day and stay dry if you are in SoCal!  =)


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