Sunday, November 14, 2010

A crazy weekend and the Giveaway Winner!!!

So I meant to do this giveaway yesterday but ended up having a "great" experience with my poor car.  I named my car "Ruby" and that's what I'm going to call her from now on.  =)  Anyway, the hubby and I were going to visit some friends when we noticed that my headlights were dimming and coming back without me doing anything (I was driving).  Then as we got off the freeway, my gauges were going dead also.  So I'm starting to freak out a little bit but thankfully, super-hubby was doing wonderfully with trying to calm me down.  We did get to our friends' house and then after dinner was over and we tried to get Ruby to turn back on, she didn't work. =(  After that, it was a blur figuring out what to do with my  poor baby.  But when it was all over, I was exhausted and it was late so I just went to bed.  For some reason, this ordeal just drained me and really shook me up.  

BUT!  I have done the giveaway now and the winner is Ty - on Facebook!  So please send me an email, Ty, and we will get you your prize!  (snsandsnsibility{@}gmail{dot}com)  Congratulations!

And so my week begins...or finished.  =P  Car problems to finish up and lots of work coming up but I am optimistic that it will work out. Church was lovely today and I was able to spend time with the in-laws so I am ready for this week.  =)  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Have a beautiful coming week!


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