Thursday, November 11, 2010

Operation Christmas Shopping for Family: Fifth Status Report

I have been sadly negligent of this project that I am working on so it is being woken up from its little nap and is going to start working for me again.  Part of it has to do with the fact that I realized Christmas is fast approaching and that the mail is sometimes slow so I need to order things sooner rather than later to make sure everything gets here on time.  And if you are thinking of shopping on Etsy, it might be a good thing for you to contemplate also.

Today we are shopping for my brother.  He is in the US Army, loves his country, food, family, and beer.  That pretty much sums him up.  But I love him.  He has always been one of my closest friends - and a huge goof ball.  This is a picture of me and my siblings from my wedding last year.  It gives you a pretty good idea of what he is like.  =P I said...goof ball.  =)

So that all being said, I sometimes have a hard time shopping for the people closest to me.  But Etsy is always wonderful when it comes to surprises and surprise gifts so here are some of the things that came to my eyes in my search.

This one seems particularly appropriate but we will have to see if I can't find a brewery that he likes but I know he will take almost anything.  =)  As long as it holds beer.  

2) Beer Magnets  =P
I know my brother isn't much of a magnet guy but he might be when he sees that they are bottle caps!

Now these will definitely be a good thing!  When he has all his buddies over, they will know exactly what to do!  =)  

Even though this one is featured as a Marine mug, they can do it with any insignia you request!  I am definitely thinking of getting my brother an Army one!

5) He might hate me for this one but...Teddy Bear is so cute!!!
It is so stinking cute and it just might be that touch of home and little bit of love that he will need every once in a while.

That's about all I've found so far but I am looking now so we will have to see what else comes up!

Have a beautiful day all!


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