Thursday, November 18, 2010

Operation Christmas Shopping for Family: Sixth Status Report

So I have been working on Christmas shopping for a lot of people and I actually took the plunge and started purchasing things today!  A large part of the reason is that I realized that it is only one week away from Thanksgiving and once that day is gone, things go from busy to CRAZY busy.  But at least I have started.  And I actually started by buying some gifts that you have not yet seen in my Operation Christmas Shopping series yet!

Today, I am working on my father-in-law.  He has been so great and welcoming to me since the hubby and I have been married but he is like a lot of dads - potentially hard to shop for.  Now, thanks to our marvelous and wonderful Etsy, I have found a few things that I think he will like.

Gourmet Popcorn Spices!!!

He is such a popcorn nut!  Sometimes, we will just have finished dinner and he is already in the kitchen making a big bowl of amazingly buttery and salty goodness.  And he insists on melting and drizzling real butter.  It's the only way to do it he says. =)

Man Bowl
And then I saw this.  The tag, literally says, "Man Bowl".  How perfect!  My father-in-law loves snacks and things generally considered "junk food".  Amoung them is ice cream.  This will be a great new ice cream bowl for him!  


And in addition to the popcorn and ice cream,  sweets are generally his thing.  The nice thing is that it makes a great gift for him because he doesn't always buy them for himself.  So when I saw this wonderful brownie deliciousness, I had a feeling it would be perfect.  =)  I kind of want one for myself now too.  

So there is another family member taken care of!  But don't forget to place your orders early enough to get them processed and shipped in time for Christmas!  Thankfully, Etsy and the artists on it are rather amazing and generally will make it work!

Have a beautiful day!


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