Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankfulness Is What I Long For

Yesterday was a "normal" Thursday.  I woke up a little later than normal (around 8 a.m. versus my normal 7 a.m.), I did my morning blog reading, and got a post of my own pumped out.  (This is really pre-mature but I believe that one of my New Year's resolutions will be to attempt to get a blogging schedule established and implemented.)  After all of the aforementioned activities, I babysit/nanny for a family of four children, one of whom has a disability.  For their privacy, I will call them the "Browns".  The Browns are a wonderful family with children ranging from 6 to just under 1 year old.  I love these kids - we have an amazing time!  Today, we played with lots and lots of wooden trains (a personal favorite of mine from my childhood!) and played outside on the swings that they have in their enormous tree.  I had to share these pictures from yesterday with you all!

These are Browns #2 & #3.  =)  Suffice to say, I sincerely wished I was small enough to use their swings too!  Swings were always my favorite playground equipment but today was a beautiful, mild, clear autumn day and they looked so care free and happy!  They both loudly and emphatically declared to me that "they were flying!"  My life isn't difficult or oppressive by any means but this just made me take a breath, pray, and realize that God has blessed me so very much in ALL and EVERY way.  I am His and I am content with that today.  

Forget Thanksgiving Day being on November 25th.  It is every day.


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