Tuesday, December 14, 2010

12th Deal til Christmas

I can hardly believe we only have 12 days until Christmas!!!  And to get in the mood, I pulled this picture out from last year!
me and my bestie in December of 2009 at Disneyland!
Along with all kinds of wonderful goodies to be planned, I have the immense honor of being able to provide gifts for others!  There is something that makes me so full of joy that I get to hand make jewelry that is going to give joy in so many different homes this Christmas!  If you have never handmade gifts for anyone, you are missing out on some amazing experiences!  But I know not everyone is equally gifted in this area and that is part of why I LOVE Etsy and other handmade outlets.  I can make jewelry but I cannot make things like this or this or this or this.  So even though I could try, I know my attempts would not be anywhere near as wonderful as these artists!  But supporting them and getting great gifts?  Now that is a joyful thing!  =)

But on to today's deal!  The 12th Deal til Christmas is 25% off Nancy Necklaces!  Although I designed these with bridal parties in mind, I think they are really cute for more than one kind of occasion. So for a classic design for many occasions, I think these necklaces are great.  And you can get them for 25% off today only!

Have a beautiful day!


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