Saturday, December 11, 2010

15th Deal til Christmas

I got to go to the Gem Faire yesterday!!!  That may not sound like much to anyone who doesn't know the joys of handmaking things but think of a large building filled to the brim with vendors who have tables and tables chock full of everything you could ever possibly want for making jewelry!  Even if you aren't a jewelry maker, it is such a fun experience because your eyes are mesmerized by the glitter and sparkle of crystal, semi-precious gems, sterling silver, gold, and other similar girl eye-candy.  =p  There are premade items and loose stones so you can decide how much work you want to put into it!  And since it travels, there is a good chance that you will be able to find one relatively close to you!  But suffice to say that I bought several goodies that I am super excited to get turned into jewelry to share with you!!!  =)  But on to important things!

Today's Deal til Christmas is a chance for you to finish your Christmas shopping in one stop. I am offering my readers 15% off the entire store for this weekend only. Enter coupon code "SENSIBLESALE15" to receive your discount on your purchase.

City Lights Bracelet with Amethyst and Pearls
Ocean Avenue Necklace with Coral, Peridot, and Smoky Quartz

Have a beautiful day!  

P.S.  Keep an eye on the shop in the next few days!  There are still a few products that will be added before the holidays are over!  


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