Friday, December 10, 2010

17th & 16th Deals til Christmas

So I made my first blunder of this Deals til Christmas series!  I missed my post today!!! I was doing some work online this morning and getting ready to post the new one for the day and then next thing I know, I'm out the door and realizing that I didn't actually get it up!!!  So today you all get two Deals!  =)

The holidays are always really exciting for me because it is the one time of the year that my usually thrifty family won't yell at me too much for spoiling them.  =)  But this year, I think I've grown up and into a new stage of life.  This is my second Christmas as a married woman and life has been progressed around me.  I am hearing about more people getting sick, growing old, and in some cases, even dying.  I don't mean to be depressing here but it has made me so thankful for the time I still have with my family.  I am fully aware that it won't last forever and that one of these days, God is going to call some one or another of us home to Himself.  But I am learning to count my blessings and savor the time I have with my family and friends now.

That being said, I have a request for all of you and it has to do with the fundraiser items that I have in my Etsy shop.  As you may have read, Michelle is a single mom who has Lyme's disease and it has progressed to an uncurable stage.  There is, however, a medication that will help keep the disease dormant for a period of time.  Michelle's health insurance will not cover the cost of the medication and it is several thousand a month.  So a few of her friends have done fundraising through different means but something that is always available are the earrings in my shop named after her.  50% of the sale of any pair of earrings goes straight to Michelle.  My request is that you spread the word to as many people as you can.  It is the perfect way to get your shopping done and help a woman who could really use our help!

So the two Deals til Christmas are: 
1) Gift with purchase of Michelle Earrings  (my thank you to you for your kind help!)
Michelle Earrings in Apatite and Pearl
Judith Earrings in Green


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