Wednesday, December 8, 2010

18th Deal til Christmas

Man, the days are flying!!!  Sometimes time seems to drag on and I think to myself, "You're good, Aime.  You have lots of time to finish up all those loose ends, brainstorm blogposts and new products."  Or not.  Like when I started writing this blog post this morning and realized that holy cow! I only have 18 days until Christmas!  Which means 12 days until I am flying to Hawaii!

But regardless of how fast time may or may not seem to be flying, there is another Deal til Christmas!  And today it is 25% off Becky Earrings with Pearls and Garnets!  This is the original version of Becky earrings that were inspired by a dear college friend of mine whose father passed away of brain cancer before she graduated.  His birthstone was garnet and Becky loves the stone so I made these in their memory and honor.

Have a beautiful day!


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