Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Package from Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

So I had a rather largish box waiting for me when I got back from Arizona yesterday and could barely wait to get my things put down so I could open it!  And I was ecstatic with what was in it!!!  I was soooo excited to join Cold Hands, Warm Hearts and got a wonderful partner and someone I think (I hope) will be a great pen-pal!

I had a whole big box full of beautifully wrapped little gifts that have made my day and very possibly, the rest of my week!!!  I put the boxes under my jewelry tree to show you how awesome my swap partner is!!!  As you can see, I got an amazing assortment of little goodies!  I got a scarf, mittens, beads, green tea, coffee, peppermint stick, soap, pancake mix, syrup, hotpads, spatula, handmade Christmas ornaments, and two amazing little things that made my day!  

In our correspondence, Morgana and I had talked about several different things.  She told me about her favorite scent company, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, and I had never heard of them before.  So as I opened the little packages that were under my little tree, I was thrilled to find a little bottle of an amazing scent!  But more than any of these things, I LOVE this gift!

This beautiful little item is a hand made canvas tote featuring my logo and website!!!  I was so confused when I saw Morgana's little sneak peak picture but I am LOVING the actual item!!!  The logo flower is made of felt, exactly the color of my logo and she also made a little matching card case!  I have such a talented swap partner!!!  Ah!!!  I LOVE IT!!!  =)  

Morgana, I am so thankful that I got you as my swap partner!  You have inspired me by your creativity and sincerity about your life and family.  I was so blessed by this swap and can't wait to keep in touch!

Have a beautiful day and I hope you all have a chance to get such a great package too!  


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