Sunday, December 12, 2010

14th Deal til Christmas

Hello everyone!!!  This post is a little late today (I had been doing really well with getting them out in the morning until that one day last week).  =)  But the good news is that you already know what today's deal is but there is a little twist until Christmas!

You can still get 15% off the entire store today by using coupon code "sensiblesale15" at the checkout.  In addition, I am also going to be giving you a gift with any purchase of Michelle Earrings!  Like I said in my post earlier this week, I know Michelle personally and know that she can use all the help we can give her.  If you are able to or would please pass on the word, it would mean the world to them this holiday season.  Remember, she gets 50% off the total purchase price of any pair of Michelle Earrings!

So you will be getting TWO deals per day until Christmas!  The Deal til Christmas will change each day but you also will have the opportunity to help a family out this holiday season!

Have a beautiful day!


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