Saturday, December 4, 2010

22 Deals til Christmas

So the cold I had earlier this week has eased up a fair amount but now I am developing a shmexy deep voice that is on the verge of disappearing completely.  =)  I just thought I would share.  I haven't lost my voice in two years now but it used to be my finals' tradition.  Without fail, I would lose my voice the last week of classes or the actual week of finals exams.  So not being in college this year is a plus.  =)

But you didn't want to hear about me losing my voice. (Thank goodness I only need to type for my blog!)  I hope you did come to hear about my 22nd Deal til Christmas!!!  And today you get 25% off of Nancy Earrings in Coral, Pearl, and Jade!  I love how these beauties look with so many color palettes!  If you have any camel colored items you plan on wearing this winter (a very popular color for a lot of designers!), these earrings will be a beautiful compliment to whatever item you are wearing!  The coral will bring out the warm tones in the camel and the jade and pearls will pop against the softness of the color!

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and have a beautiful day!!!


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