Wednesday, December 22, 2010

4th Deal til Christmas

I know not everyone has the ability to just hop on a plane, visit family, and come to Hawaii to go shopping but believe me, if you could, it is totally worth it!  I grew up in a small neighborhood called Kaimuki.  It used to be the center of commerce and business on south Oahu but times change and the place was not quite as busy as before.  In the last few decades, small businesses and restaurants have moved in and taken over and transformed the area.

So when I read about a new business that was supporting local and handmade artists, I had to check it out!  I had been reading about this new boutique in  some of my Hawaiian retail and handmade community forums.  And I had the wonderful opportunity to come and visit this particular shop!  Drift Boutique is "locally owned and operated featuring lots of local designers such as Machine Machine, Tiare Hawaii, Stoney Seas, La'akea Designs, and lots of cute clothes and gifts from around the world!"  And they are kidding.  I was able to meet one of the owners, Laura, and she proudly shared with me that 90% off what was in the store was locally made in Hawaii and 75% was handmade.  So I had to do some shopping and it was an awesome experience!  I love the chance to support local AND handmade artist at the same time! I am planning on going back before I fly back to California and will try and take some pictures to show all of you!
their shop is the cutest thing ever!  they named the place "drift" because one of the owners' hobby is to collect drift wood and turn it into awesome creations!

But on to today's Deal til Christmas!  We are getting so close now I can taste it!  For today only, you can get 25% off of Nani Earrings!  These simple but easy to wear earrings are great for so many different occasions!  A little black dress or a swim suit during summer will be magnificent with these!  This style is also part of the new Hawaiian inspired collection I am just debuting this week!  Check out "Me Ke Aloha" in the shop for more items and styles being added all the time!

I hope you like it and have a beautiful day!

P.S.  Head on over to moonbeamwishes and much love, illy to enter giveaways that I'm sponsoring and a little interview I've done with both girls!  And wander around their blogs while you're at it.  They are some of my creative muses - I want to be like them when I grow up!  =)  


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