Saturday, October 29, 2011

temperatures are falling and I'm freezing!!!

It is that time of year when this born and bred Hawaii girl starts unpacking.  Unpacking the boxes of sweaters that have barely gotten put away before they are needed again.  Sound a little crazy since I live in Southern California where the weather rarely gets below 40 or 50 degrees on the coldest days or nights?  Yeah.  It is pretty crazy.  My first year of college here, I was the laughing stock of the campus because 1) I went to a small school and 2) I wore about three thick layers of clothes every day the weather got any where under 70 degrees.  =P

I've gotten a little better...a little.  =)  I have acquired some fantastic layer-able sweaters/tees/dresses but I am (still) always looking for something else to layer with.  One of my favorite accessories are scarves.  I can't help myself.  I really do love scarves and how it keeps me warm, accessorizes, and covers parts of my body I may sometimes be less than secure about (usually I wear scarves for the warmth factor but once in a while I have a bad day and use it as a cop out for my insecurities).

a lovely scarf from this shop

I am also in love with open cardigans.  Partially because it is easy to breastfeed while wearing and also because they are just easy to layer and accessorize.  If you don't own one, you are missing out!  I'm thinking I need another one of these beauties from Target.  I already own one... =P
the color isn't quite right in the picture but it is the loveliest pumpkin orange in person
What do you like to wear as the weather gets cooler (or rainier if you live in Hawaii)?



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