Friday, January 27, 2012

little things, big smiles

Do you know why I like Fridays?  Besides the obvious anticipation of looking forward to the weekend and two glorious days of (mostly) obligation-free activities with the hubby and baby, Fridays are my day to try and wrap my week up.  And this week, that is easy because it has been a chaotic but fantastic week.   Thanks to Lindsay, you all get to share it with me too.  =)

Aisle to Aloha

1) Productivity
This week was remarkably productive (something I hope to be able to maintain momentum on!).  I did laundry, cooked meals (with enough to freeze for the future), designed wedding invitations, blogged, and will work on making jewelry today! least that's the plan.  =P
(yes, yes, I do play with my beads before I turn them into something.  the color is soooo much fun,  I can't help it!)

2) Beautiful weather
It was beautiful this week in SoCal.  The skies were blue, blue, blue.  Breezes kept things fresh and crisp. And all the windows and doors in my house were open for as long as was possible.  
this was right outside my bedroom window the other was glorious.

3) The Rooter Man
This week our laundry sink stopped up putting a halt on my laundering for two days.  So this makes me smile because it went from this: 
(bad, very bad)
to this:
(wonderful, clear, draining pipes)
A little weird?  Yeah...but it was a big little thing to me this week!  There is a back log of hubby's work clothes and baby things that need catching up on!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful day!


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