Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Hello all!  I hope that you all have pleasant days planned for yourself regardless of your relationship status.  (Personally, I think the 15th is the sweeter day - some of the best deals on candy all year long.  And it is my mom's birthday!  So happy early birthday and let's go candy shopping.)  =D

But I had to throw a little note in here about my husband.  He is the greatest guy ever (no, I'm not biased at all).  =P  He got me an early Valentines present over the weekend that I am totally in love with.  I'm trying to figure out how to display them somewhere where I will see them regularly.

he got me his & hers domos!!!
don't they look just like us?  =P
 Hallmark, eat your heart out.  This is the sweetest valentines.  =)  (Don't know who Domo is?  It's ok.  Wikipedia is here to help. And yes, I do have a thing for odd animated little characters...which you might already know if you follow this blog.)  =D  Now I have to go make the hubby a dinner that will match these plushies.

Have a beautiful day!


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