Wednesday, June 6, 2012

waiting for a little more summer

So the weather has been undeniably beautiful in SoCal recently.  BUT it has not quite been beautiful enough for me to go diving into a pool or hit the ocean yet.  That could be in large part because I'm a wuss when it comes to really a wuss.  =P

Let me tell you though - in Arizona, in 100+ degree weather, water is your friend.  And we were in Arizona two weekends ago for a cousin's graduation and spent a bunch of time with family.  Especially since not many family members had seen Hito before this trip.  I had to share some of these pics because Hito got to see another great-grandma.  =)  Bad news is that Great-Grandma has been in and out of the hospital twice since we were there two weeks ago.  =(  Prayers would be appreciated!

 He is still getting the looking at the camera thing down.  =P  Since it was so stinking hot, we chilled in the pool with everyone for a while and got a few cute shots of dad and kiddo in the water.

yup, that's my stylin' baby.  =)  Grandma N. found the floaty and I got the glasses at Target.  Shortly after this picture, they came off.  =P

 Have you started any summer festivities yet?  I am starting to get my calendar out so that I can get bbqs planned!  I am planning on sharing some of my summer recipes - be looking for it soon!

Have a beautiful day!


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